Sunday, July 02, 2006

I was flipping through the channels tonight when something on A&E caught my eye. A documentary on an Aryan group in Alabama was plastered all over the television. Normally, the sight of a Swastika is enough to make me turn away, but tonight was different. I remembered watching part of this show a couple of months ago, and tonight I was able to watch the majority of it.

Hey, do you remember when Lincoln freed the slaves? Do you remember when Hitler was defeated in World War II? Do you remember how Martin Luther King Jr. took a stand for what he believed in, and ended up being one of the greatest men to ever grace this earth? Do you remember when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989? Didn't all of these events signify the end to that sort of ignorance known as racism?

It's incredible that we still have racism in the world, after decades and decades and decades of fighting it. Are people that ignorant that we can't even have equality without someone being unhappy?

I don't even know who to blame in this sort of situation. Obviously, these people were raised to have hatred in their hearts, which leads me to blame their parents. But, where did they learn it? I can't point fingers without the exact trace.

It just sucks that whenever I start gaining faith in humanity, I have to watch something like this and now let it all back down the drain.

Cynic by choice, apparently.