Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Two years ago, did you think you'd be standing with me on a New York City street?"
- Jon Davis.

That one quote more or less sums up 2009. This year more than any other, I've done more than I ever thought I would. From the trip to New York City and working in the Manhattan Center to being contacted by SPIN to take pictures (even though it never panned out) to the multiple trips to Orlando to see bands I never thought I'd see, 2009 was relatively good to me.

Losing 40 pounds. Disney. The Georgia road trip with Chris and Craig. My Maryland homecoming. Harvest of Hope. Get Up Kids. Hanson. Saves the Day. Tattoos. My mom's first wrestling match. Pro Wrestling Fusion. My Bank of America family. Halloween in Tallahassee. Having a story to tell. Finding someone to snap with. Meeting people I have idolized. Going back to Jupiter Farms. Keeping my positivity and learning to like myself.

I'm just worried that this year is me jumping the shark. I have a lot of things I am hopeful for in the next year, but I don't want to get them too high.

I'd like to post a reflection from 2000-2009, but it scares me knowing that ten years from now, I will be 30. So I think I'm gonna wait that one out a bit.

Just for fun, my top records of 2009:

10. Say Anything: "Say Anything"
9. Frank Turner: "Poetry of the Deed"
8. Tegan & Sara: "Sainthood"
7. John Mayer: "Battle Studies"
6. New Found Glory: "Not Without A Fight"
5. Fake Problems: "It's Great To Be Alive"
4. Manchester Orchestra: "Mean Everything To Nothing"
3. With the Punches: "Keep It Going"
2. Cage: "Depart From Me"
1. fun.: "Aim & Ignite"