Monday, June 26, 2006

Yes, nice guys finish last. We understand. We get it. It has been burnt into our brains eversince middle school when, in the sixth grade, Lisa Smith wanted to ride bikes with the boy that gave you a swirlie rather than you. Do you remember how you felt when you laid in bed that night with the thought of Lisa's hand holding his hand as they rode down the street? Do you remember how it felt to have your heart sink to your stomach when the same thing happened to you in high school, though, of course, it was under different circumstances?

For some reason, girls are still attracted to the "bad boys"; the "rebel" type. Every girl would love to have the 'James Dean meets Colin Farrell with just a touch of Marlon Brando' boy rather than the 'John Cusack meets Seth Cohen with just a touch of Rivers Cuomo.' This danger aspect that the "cool guys" put forward is apparently so arousing and unpredictable that girls fall for it like drunks to a lit neon Budweiser sign.

While these females are out enjoying themselves driving fast cars, egging houses, or doing whatever those rebellious ones do, the "good guys" are always left alone on Friday and Saturday nights, because they are the ones that the girls would rather call to talk to about those motorcycle-riding tough guys to than actually opening their eyes and realizing that the good guy is not a bad choice. They'd rather go shopping with the boy than to actually wear the clothes that they purchased to impress them.

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of the fact that there has been no "good guy" that has taken a stand and flipped the metaphorical bird to the old phrase, "Nice guys finish last."

And then there's me: sitting behind a keyboard and trying to think of what to write for this, though I know that I will never have the guts to speak up and change my lifestyle if it means that I'd have to exert any type of energy at all.

But, hey. At least in the end, even though I'll be last, I can say that I finished at all.

Though, I don't remember Dawson being too happy with that fact when Joey got with Pacey.


Sherry said...

Nice vent, you sure you got it all out? (j/k) Hang in there, bad guys are only fun for a short while, we all love and have more fun with the John Cusack types anyway!

sandra said...

"girls flirt with the bad guy, but they don't take him home.

they marry the good guy."

who knew x-men could provide advice on life?

holly said...

sadly enough, most of us women realize that the nice guy is the better choice when we want a marriage complete with 2.5 kids, matching volvos, and the cutest golden retriver you've ever seen. (ok, maybe not all of us want exactly that, but you get the idea.) that doesn't make it right to make you good guys (no quotes, we all know you are one) wait for someone to cry on your shoulder over the dangerous ones, and have an epiphany that everything we need is right there in front of us. just being a friend and holding their tongues.
you know that i've had my fair share of the bad boys, the dangerous, blah blah blah.
to be honest, it gets old quick.
yes, there are some boys who toe the line of the law and seem to pull off the emointional aspect of things.
but your kind, the better kind, is more than most girls could want.

and if you get nothing else from my comment, remember that joey and dawson end up together in college(even if only for a minute.)

Caity said...

You know, that works both ways. Most of the time if theres some good guy pining over a girl that devotes all of her energy to fawning over some bad boy, the girls not worth it in the first place. Dawson and Joey being an exception. It seems to me the guys end up wanting the bad girl just as much as girls go for the rebel.