Sunday, November 15, 2009

You. It always comes back to you. The one that got away. That's you.

Her. It should have been her. I learned how to deal with her through you. I need another her.

Him. I bet there have been plenty of him. I don't want to know. I can't blame him (but I do).

Me. I used to be me. You may have changed me. I want me back.

She. She is the one that all the songs on the radio are about. She doesn't deserve it.

He. He comes and goes. He doesn't remember you past last night. He doesn't stick around.

They. They don't know. They wouldn't get it if they did. They wouldn't care either way.

It. It is gonna slip your memory. It wasn't a major part of your life. It was what it was.

I. I am still here, goddamnit. I can't forget the memories. I can't get away no matter how hard I try.



Anonymous said...

mIyAgI tHiNkS tHiS iS sO tRuE aNd ThAt MaKeS hIm SaD

ashley said...

No 'him' in this world could hold a candle to you, buttercup. ♥