Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's my senior year.

Somewhere it's written that I am supposed to have everything figured out: where I want to go to college, what I want to major in in said college, my career path, That's how it goes in the movies, right? We randomly get acceptance letters from Harvard, Stanton, Yale, you know, all of those "no-name" schools that are so easy to get into. I wish my life was like the silver screen.

What directors don't show you is all of the hard work that has to go into your senior year of high school. The three years beforehand where you work your butt off, thinking that it will all do you so much good in the end. Let's be real here: even the smartest of the intellectuals have the possibility of flipping Whoppers at Burger King or unclogging drains at the local gas station. Grades are nothing more than a letter. They are nothing more than what I am using to type this up.

We are all born with the same capabilities. Even the handicapped can win the Olympics. Be that as it may that it is the Special Olympics, but, nevertheless, it rings true. What we make of ourselves is what matters, and that's what people don't realize.

High school was stereotyped for me as a bunch of jock bullies walking around, having sex against lockers, cheerleaders giving head to the kids in the bathroom, and anarchial rules (I know that doesn't make sense). I have never gotten into a fight, and when I was bullied, I fought back and shut them up. That's when I was a freshman, and I fought back to a senior. High school is a waste of time if you think of it as a movie. Think of it as four years of your life and see how that goes.

I have just lately been realizing that I think of this experience as a movie, and in many ways, it has been. Drugs, sex, alcohol, cheating, failure, moving, lies, deaths, etc. It's like KIDS all over again.

High school is just a waste of time for me. That's why you can often find me working on my notebook collages instead of taking notes.


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Ben-jammin said...

high school really does seem to be a complete waste of time in it's current form if you ask me, you take all these classes, and then have to retake many of them when you get to that college that you see to be so far out of reach, and which often is for many people, which brings me to my next thing, i don't believe that everyone is born with the same capacity for success and abilities, some people are smarter, some are stronger, no matter how much hardwork you put in, you will always be limited by your genetic make-up, however, that does not limit what you can achieve, it simply determines the amount of work you will need to do in order to succeed, society determines your ability to succeed, if you're a poor minority from an inner-city high school, your chance of success is substantially lower than say the son of a wealthy caucasian business man who once attended a prestigious college in suburbia, some may say this view is cynical, and yes, it is, but it's also painfully honest, it's shitty, but that's the way things are, as far as our perception of what things are and how they should be, that's also partly due to society, in our society, movies are supposed to relay some truth of cultural experiences, it seems that fewer and fewer movies are actually doing this, but people continue to believe them to be the truth, and that is that, don't believe what others tell you, make your own perceptions on how things should be, better yet, don't make any perceptions, allow things to unfold and then say, this is what happened, and take away what you will from it
oh, and jake, have fun senior year, college is important, but if you don't get into yale or harvard, it's not like you won't make it, the important thing to do in college is to learn (which much of our generation seems to be forgetting), and you should be able to fulfill that aspect pretty much anywhere so long as you want to, good luck holmes