Friday, November 03, 2006

Sometimes I can't believe that I am as old as I am, acting how I am acting, and being who I am being. It's almost funny to think that if me now would've known the little runt I was five years ago, I would've hated myself. Polar opposites to the highest degree. It's also kind of scary to think that in just a half a decade, everything can change. Five years ago today, I had just moved into the new house in Maryland from Virginia, but still recooperating from the move from Florida. Now, I'm here in Florida, wishing I could be anywhere else just for a little while. That's all I'd like. A little bit of a vacation.

Instead, I get to wake up at 7:15 AM every weekday morning, climb out of bed, get in the shower, and leave at around 7:55 AM to get to school. I go the same way to school every day, I get stuck in the same traffic every morning, and I pull into the same spot (456, I believe. I could be wrong. My parking pass is not my main focus.) I walk the same route from my car to the school, and go to the same study hall to talk to four wonderful people, but everyday it's the same. I leave school at 2:04 PM, get home at around 2:25 PM after getting stuck in more traffic, and I walk through the same garage door to get into my humble abode. It's almost funny to think that life is this repetitive. Best four years of my life? Hardly.

For as much east coast pride as I have, I can never support the south, besides the occasional "Drrty Souf" reference. Other than that, the Confederacy can kiss my Yankee behind.

When I say I really don't like my senior class, I'm not lying. I'm not saying that out of some sort of teenage angst because my dad doesn't let me go out past curfew and my mom won't let me get a new pair of shoes. I say it because I mean it. My school is full of bigots and the unintelligent that just aren't willing to learn. I just want out of here.

Please get me out of here.


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