Friday, January 19, 2007

If I am remembered for anything in life, I want to be remembered as someone who just didn't care what others thought of him. I want to be admired for not changing to be what people want me to be. I don't care who you are, I won't change my ways to impress and satisfy yours. No, thanks. Also, I want to be admired for always protecting my friends when needing it, and always being there for whatever they need. I want them to always know that I care, even when I don't act like it. If I ever say, "Be safe," when you leave my house or my general region, know that means something.

If Nas is right, and hip hop really is dead, then I hope that punk rock starts making more political stuff again. Without good hip hop, I don't have much else. My iPod has only been playing Nas, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Public Enemy, Ludacris, The Roots, Aesop Rock, and Run DMC lately, on the hip hop front. On the other side, I've been listening to Northstar (Is This Thing Loaded?), Morrissey (Bona Drag) and Black Flag (Damaged). I remember when I got Is This Thing Loaded? my freshman year with Ben. We went to Best Buy, and I had only heard one Northstar song at that time, so I took a chance and got it. I show no regrets.

Cyrus from The Real World came into Hot Topic today. I love when reality television stars think that they are celebrities. The only Real World cast member that is worth anything is Puck, and that's because he was obnoxious. I always liked Puck.

If I ever do become a professional wrestler, I want to wrestle in Japan. I have been watching the New Japan Pro Wrestling/All Japan Pro Wrestling 35th anniversary show, and their style and panache is incredible. They do everything with such ease and grace, making professional wrestling such an art-form. It really is a lot like dancing, in many ways. It's all about timing and footwork.

I am going to finally go to bed, now. Heather C. (last name withheld) told me today that it wasn't worth her going to bed because she can never sleep, anyway. She has the right idea.



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