Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes, I haven't updated since September 8th, Danielle. I'm sorry.

I have gone on here and written on my phone, but I always end up deleting it. I usually write when I am laying in bed at Mark's house, and I am usually there once a week. But, for whatever reason, I always end up pressing "Clear field" and shutting off my phone.

I got in a car accident today. Every car accident I've been in (knock on wood) has been caused by somebody else's wreckless driving. This time, a woman hit another woman who in turned hit me. I guess that's what I get for sitting still in traffic like everybody else was. I got off of work early because I wasn't feeling well, and getting in that accident didn't make me feel much better. But, it was nice outside, so at least I got to enjoy that, right?



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