Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cold winter nights in Florida are warm winter nights in Maryland. Fact.

On Halloween, it had been seven years since I moved into my house in Chesapeake Beach. I can remember that day perfectly, from Gunston Middle's Halloween dance to riding my skateboard around Bayview Hills. I guess it's weird for me to think about.

I've been fabing phone calls a lot lately, and I apologize to everyone I did that too. I get in these moods where talking to people just isn't a main priority.

I'm laying in bed after watching episode upon episode of 30 Rock with Em, Stephanie, and Ian, and I'm anticipating the next months to come. I'm booked up every weekend until Christmas; how cool is that? I'm getting to travel around and get paid to be in the business I love. I'm not gonna stop until I'm at the top, though.

It's hard to fall in love, and easy to fall out.
Credits roll, fade to black, the audience screams and shouts.
And when you find that spot of time to look back at what you lost,
I hope to god you're surprised to find it was worth more than it cost.


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