Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I take my finger, turn into a pen.
Then, I run my hand down your spine.
You guess I wrote something profound,
Something like:"Our love will last 'til we die."
I say, "You're good at this game."
But, what I really wrote is: "How I've yet to be saved"

- The Format, "Dead End"

I listen to the Format a lot when I travel. It's not the most masculine of music, sure, but it keeps me awake. I can sing along to every song, which in itself is a difficult task for an album to accomplish. I have really good memories involving both of their albums, and seeing them live was a great experience. Shame they broke up.

I had a super busy weekend, as Ring of Honor came back to Florida. Last year when I got to work the show, it was nervewracking. I was so excited. This time, the glitz and glamour had faded, and it was just like any other show. I worked ROH in Coral Springs on Friday, Fusion in Ft. Pierce on Saturday, and FIP in Brooksville on Sunday. If you don't live in Florida, then I guess you don't realize how crazy those drives are. For me personally, from leaving JAX to coming back, I probably spent about sixteen hours altogether in a car just driving around from Friday thru Sunday.

I just wanna congratulate my boy Jon Davis on really proving himself to the ROH crowds this weekend, and killing himself in the process. This guy eats and sleeps this business, and there is nobody that deserves it more than him. Kudos also to Kory Chavis, the Lions, Brad, Shawn, FIMH, and any other FL guy that made their debut. This state is booming, and I'm glad I'm a small part of it.


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