Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm trying to get Buster Poindexter height with my hair.

Today I told someone that music was my only girlfriend right now, and it's [sadly] true. We've had an on-again-off-again relationship for the past two years, but I think we worked out the kinks and here we go again.

I always mean to update this but I never end up doing it. I'm sorry.

Had a great time at the Fusion One Year Anniversary bash, and it made me step back and look at the past year for me. I've made truly great friends and lost many as well. I've traveled up and down the Sunshine State for the majority of the weekends, and have seen and experienced many things. I've had disappointments and accomplishments, and a whole lot of times that have been chalked up to life experiences. I just can't believe how some of the events that took place a year ago are still so fresh in my mind, like I lived it last week. Yet, some things that took place a month or two ago have completely escaped my memory. My mind is crazy.

This is a dumb entry. I will post something good some other time.


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Lukas said...

I listened to most of ...Is a Real Boywhile driving yesterday, and thought of the good times of Junior year. Maybe this should have been a comment on a previous post, but i wasn't sure you'd see it.