Thursday, May 07, 2009

A modern day Superman am I, with a pen and some paper to fight. Words are my kryptonite, despite their ubiquity. But in my Clark Kent get up, you could never tell. It isn't a multiple personality if my Mr. Kent doesn't have personality to begin with. I can't save the world either, so don't even ask. The world can't be saved if it isn't willing to save itself. I don't have any special powers to speak of, but I'm not bad at blending in. Or lending out (cash, hearts, pain, you name it).

This Lois Lane lady needs to lend me some time. Maybe she doesn't want this Superman. Maybe she wants the vanilla Clark Kent. But how can one drop the act when the act is more impressive than the one you're hiding? Some wear masks to cover scars. Some drive big cars to hide their shortcomings. I wear these tights and cape to hide myself as a whole.

Look up to me, kids. I'm that superhero that you wish you could be...

but everyone has a breaking point.


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