Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm at the Saratoga Springs hotel sitting on the bed after taking a nice, much needed shower. Paco is on the next bed on his Sidekick. We are the technology communication age.

Long, busy, fun day in Lake Buena Vista. Woke up and drove down with some friends in the car, and experienced some great conversations.

We got to the hotel and played some Rock Band before going out to the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom during the day is a nightmare. Millions of people everywhere, and none of them know where they are going/what they are doing. I guess I was one of them, but still. We went to Splash Mountain which was a lot scarier than I remembered. I don't mean to sound like some jabrone, but for real. It was unpleasant. Hit up It's A Small World and maybe something else (I don't remember), and went back to the hotel for food.

Went back to the park at around seven and it was just phenomenal. The amount of people there was almost cut in half, the weather was nice, and everyone was in much better spirits. I finally rode all three mountains in a day, but I gotta say, I hated Space Mountain. Hearing all the creaks of the track, and being in total darkness, made me feel like I was in hell. But, now I can say I did it.

I had a lot of fun today, and I'm dreading going back to the real world.


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