Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"I'm not sure if you're worth it, but I'm not ready to call this a night."

The second line in that lyric was the first one I contributed to Arlie. That song with rough vox just came on my iPod and I thought I should share.

So...it is my birthday. The big 2-0. No longer involved in teenager stuff. You guys are all kids.I'm a man's man, now. Thank you to Caity, JD, Shain, Megan, and Brittany for the midnight birthday wishes.

So, Jake, how are you spending your birthday?

I'm glad you asked. I'm waking up at 7am, taking Shannon to the airport, going to class, and then going to work, thus not having any Jake time for my twentieth. Thanks for asking.

I've had some really cool birthday parties in my day. When I turned four, I believe, my mom made me a wrestling ring cake with the Warlord and Mountie figures on it. I loved it.

In kindergarten, I had an awesome party at the Imagination Station in Jupiter.

In fifth grade I had an awesome surprise party that I had no idea about. Thirty little prepubescent kids running around a pool. That was one of my favorites.

On my 16th birthday, some of the best friends a person could ask for threw me a surprise party. I was still the new kid, so that really was great for me. I'm forever in debt.

For my 18th, I went to Five Points with Trish and Caity, went to an art festival with Luke, met Brittany's dad, and had a little party. That was a lot of fun.

Last year, I worked.

This year? I work.

Something is wrong with this picture.


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